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Medics Without Borders Health Systems

Treating Our Patients With Compassion, Dignity and Respect
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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How was the idea of MWB conceived?
Answer: Medics Without Borders (MWB) was established to meet the needs of the poor and those who do not have access to quality healthcare services and products. Its main existence is to provide hollistic care to the whole human body. We therefore provide services to meet the physical, social, mental and spiritual needs of our patients. 
Question: What are the qualifications needed to serve as a volunteer with MWB?
Answer: The only qualification is your desire to help others. Though our services are mainly medical in nature, everyone who is willing to lend a hand to the poor and the needy is welcomed to come aboard to help others. Counselors, administrators, accountants, social workers, teachers, engineers, students, and those who can support our programs are encouraged to volunteer with us.
Question: What is the official language of Ghana?
Answer: English is the official language. There also other languages such as Akan, Ga, Ewe and Hausa spoken by Ghanaians.
Q: Does MWB provide lodging?
A: No. However, MWB works with hotel and Guest House operators to provide lodging for volunteers at affordable prices. It is more expensive to stay at hotels on their own. The lodging charge is not expensive and is also based on volunteer's needs and circumstances. 

Question: How long does a volunteer with MWB need to stay in Ghana?
Answer: MWB requests at least two weeks of your time to volunteer with us. The reason is that you may want to tour the country as part of your trip. Because of that we make sure you gain the best experiences on your travel by allowing you to see different parts of the country. You can visit national parks to see wildlife, visit waterfalls, tour slave trade castles and forts built by Europeans along the Atlantic coast, attend festivals, etc, etc. We make sure you don't only attend to sick folks which will make you sometimes "sick" yourself but we also ensure you get time to break your routines and enjoy nature too. That in itself is a therapy.
Question: Which airlines fly to Ghana?
Answer: Many airlines fly to Ghana. KLM, Lufthansa, British Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, United Arab Emirates Airlines and more. If you live in the United States, Delta Airlines flies non-stop from JFK Airport in New York across the Atlantic Ocean to Accra, Ghana.
Question: How much does it cost for a round to Ghana?
Answer: The price of air ticket to Ghana depends on the seasons of the year. You can check the prices online or call the customer service of the airline you want to travel with. Always remember to shop around for the best deal on air tickets.
Question: Are volunteers paid during their time in Ghana?
Answer: No. If you want to be paid, then that will not be considered volunteering.

Question: Any health concerns, such as vaccinations, when traveling to Ghana?
Answer: Yes. Check out travel information on Ghana at US State Department, CDC, and WHO

If you have the time and desire to volunteer with us, please, fill out the volunteer application forms and email them to or