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Medics Without Borders Health Systems

Treating Our Patients With Compassion, Dignity and Respect
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What We Do
Our History
About Us
Medics Without Borders (MWB) exists to help the sick and the poor who do not have access to affordable medical services and products. In developing countries such as Ghana where access to EMS programs is inadequate or virtually absent in some communities, many people die prematurely in their homes or remote villages due to lack of access to pre-hospital care, preventive medical care services, mental health and other healthcare programs which demand hollistic approach to caring for the whole person. The founder and most of the leaders of MWB were born and raised in Ghana. They have had first hand experiences of what lack of adequate preventive and pre-hospital care can do to humans. According to their assessments, many lives can be saved if hollistic care with emerging healthcare technologies such as telemedicine can be deployed to the people who live in rural and poor parts of Ghana. Millions of dollars devoted to curing diseases can also be saved annually if more attention is paid to preventive medicine.

The mission of Medics Without Borders (MWB) is to provide comprehensive health education, preventive medicine, counseling services and emergency medical technology services to care for the people in underserved communities in Ghana.

Through Medics Without Borders' (MWB's) international network of world-class volunteer medics, nurses, physician assistants, surgeons and other medical providers, the MWB's vision is to conduct humanitarian, educational, fellowship, and charitable activities in deploying preventive medicine and emergency medical technology in poor and developing nations such as Ghana and to create a sustainable infrastructure that encourages local capacity building and professional development in health promotion and preventive medicine.
You are always encouraged to volunteer with us if you have the desire to do so. All skill sets from construction, banking and finance, engineering, agriculture and legal services, to name a few, are needed to treat a sick person to become whole again.