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Medics Without Borders Health Systems

Treating Our Patients With Compassion, Dignity and Respect
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Volunteers Needed
Question: What are the qualification(s) needed to serve as a volunteer with MWB?

Answer: The only qualification is your desire to help others. Though our services are mainly medical in nature, everyone who is willing to lend a hand to the poor and the needy is welcomed to come aboard to help others. Counselors, administrators, accountants, social workers, teachers, engineers, students, and those who can support our programs are encouraged to volunteer with us.

Volunteers in the various medical disciplines are highly encouraged to volunteer with MWB

• Medical Doctors/Surgeons
• Nurses and Physician Assistants
• Medical/Nursing Students
• EMTs
• Radiologists
• Physiotherapists, Physical Therapists, etc
• Palliative Care Physicians and Nurses
• Mental Health Professionals
• Others
Volunteer Application Forms: If you would like to volunteer with MWB, please fill out the Volunteer Application and Medical Release forms and email them with the required documents to Membership is free of charge.
You can also fill our online application form at the following link: 
Volunteer Placements: MWB arranges for volunteers from around the world to work at medical facilities in Ghana. These facilities do not have qualified medical personnel to provide the services needed by their patients. If you have a medical or healthcare specialty you want to share with others in Ghana, let us know so that we can arrange for you to travel to Ghana.
Volunteers who have traveled to Ghana:
1. Sarah Stevens, Canada - July 2009
2. Rhiarna Hill, Australia - February to June 2010
3. Christy King, USA, March - April 2012
4. Brittany Williams, USA, March - April 2012
5. Ryan Clark, USA August - November 2012
6. The Taylor Family, USA, August - September 2013
7. Siyabonga Zuma, South Africa - November 2014
8. Nathan Blanc, Israel, October 2015 - February 2016
9. Hannah Quackenbush, USA, January 2016
10. David Gendron, USA, February 2016