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Medics Without Borders Health Systems

Treating Our Patients With Compassion, Dignity and Respect
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Founder and President
  Adomako Adjapong
   Founder and President

"Okoforobour" Adomako Adjapong is the Founder and President of Medics Without Borders (MWB), an NGO which provides healthcare services and EMS training programs in Ghana. He is a Health Services Administrator. He was also a Combat Medic and an Ophthalmic Technologist in USA. He holds a Bachelor's degree in Health Sciences and a Master's degree in International Health. He also holds Diplomas in Network Technology, COMPTIA A+, Health Care and Optometry. Again, he is a certified teacher in Ghana. He is a member of the prestigious American College of Healthcare Executives (ACHE) and affiliated with the US Army Medical Command.
Adomako currently works the Officer In-Charge (OIC) of the Telehealth Department at the Landstuhl Regional Medical Center (LRMC) in Germany. He also serves as the Administrative Officer to the Chief of the Division of Surgery of the Medical Center. The Landstuhl Regional Medical Center is the largest US medical facility outside the continental United States. Adomako's roles include linking remote medical facilities in Africa, Asia and Europe to LRMC using modern telehealth technologies in order to provide specialty and sub-specialty services to the remote medical facilities. He also develops, oversees and streamlines healthcare delivery processes in the Division of Surgery.
Adomako served as the Chief of Strength Management in the Division of Personnel and Human Resources at LRMC. Before this assignment, he served as the Executive Officer (XO) at the Medical Transient Detachment which is an outpatient unit at the Medical Center. His roles included providing lodging and other outpatient care services to wounded warriors who were evacuated from the war zones such as Afghanistan, Kosovo, some parts of Africa and other conflict zones to LRMC for medical care. Prior to working at LRMC, he served as a Medical Platoon Leader in charge of 30 Combat Medics at the 4-70 Armored Regiment at Baumholder, Germany. He also served as the Medical Advisor to the Battalion Commander and implemented health promotion programs for over 650 soldiers in the Armored Battalion. Adomako's other military assignments include serving as Eye Techinician and Combat Medic at Heidelberg Hospital in Germany and Ft. Meade, Maryland in the United States. He deployed to Iraq in 2005-2006 where he served as an Ophthalmology Technician and Surgical Assistant at a trauma center to save lives of wounded warriors who were evacuated to the trauma center for care. Moreover, he deployed to Afghainistan in 2011 where he served as the medical planner for his unit and other Coalition Forces. He trained over 3000 Afghan National Police in basic trauma and emergency management skills on the battlefield. Furthermore, he helped establish medical clinics for the Afghan National Police in the Province where his unit was deployed to.

"Okoforobour" Adomako was born and raised in Ghana before relocating to the United States of America. He had the interest in and desire for medical sciences from his childhood. He wanted to be a medical doctor but because of poverty, he could not achieve that dream.  His quest for access to affordable healthcare services and products inspired him to establish Medics Without Borders (MWB). And currently, being in charge of the telehealth program at a major medical facility, he hopes to deploy and leverage the telehealth technology to connect more providers and patients together in the virtual world for better efficient dissemination of healthcare services and products for patients in remote parts of the world.
Adomako relocated to the USA in 1997 with the help of his childhood friends Kwadwo Larbi Asare and Kwasi Amoakohene Kodua, both in Virginia, USA. He always describes himself as "a farmer by occupation, a teacher by profession, a computer specialist by career and a soldier by choice".

"Okoforobour" Adomako, the name meaning "never deterred", has been at the forefront of making the lives of the ordinary people better. He believes in harnessing human potentials for the good of society. He therefore uses his leadership skills to tap into human potentials to solve daily problems. It is Okoforobour's mission to help the poor get access to healthcare services and products. However, he cannot do this alone. Anyone who wants to volunteer with MWB is wholeheartedly welcomed to support our programs in whatever way possible.